"I think we also just get sick of people feeling like they know who we are and what we're capable of."
"Yes, we do put pressure on ourselves, I donít know necessarily to up the ante, but certainly to challenge ourselves. To try to explore new territory and take risks and I think that none of us want to put out the same record twice."

"When I was really young I listened to Madonna, Michael Jackson, sortof the 80s pop icons which didnít necessarily make me want to start a band, but when I was in high school we had a student teacher in Chemistry, and we had been talking about music one day, and he brought me the Jamís ďAll Mod ConsĒ. The Jam totally made me want to start a band, and then when I discovered the Ramones, in I think also my sophomore year of high school, they made me want to start a band."

"I consider myself a feminist, and thatís part of the lens through
which I see the world and my daily activities through. But on a daily basis, thatís not affecting my daily activities."

"I talk to people after the shows. I am always interested in what people's cities are like and what kinds of lives they lead within those places. I try to use our music, especially our live shows, to create an intimate atmosphere, in hopes that that will be a better way of relating to the people."


- Worst job she ever had was telemarketing.

- Can be seen in carious Priceline commercials with William Shatner.

- Guitar heroes include Tom Verlaine, Lightnin' Hopkins, John Fahey, Mary Timony, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Radio Tragedy, and Kaia Wilson

- Has the number 27 tattooed on her arm.

- Began playing guitar at age 16.

- Has a degree in Sociolinguistics from Evergreen State College

- Favorite Simspons character is Lisa.