Corin Tucker
 "One of our greatest assets as a band is that people underestimate us."

"Part of it is keeping up with these two. On this record, they're going off. And I had to go off, too. I had to keep up with them."

"We just try and write and talk about things that we're inspired by or that we feel are important. But we're not political spokes people, you know. I always say that we're more cultural activists, in that we're really aware of culture and women's role in culture making. And we think that's it's really important we really want women to have a cultural voice in our society."

"I think most bands have something to prove when they start out. I think the ultimate thing to prove is that you are a good band, and I think that was very true for us as well. I think that the fact that we are three women in a really sexist music industry is definitely a part of what we are about, but we wanted to be taken seriously as musicians and as writers and as women as well."

"I see myself as an artist and musician first and foremost, but I believe that the political climate affects us all in some way, especially now. I've always seen things from a feminist, leftist point of view and the current ultra-patriotic national fever chills me to the bone."

"We just want to say that we're not here to fuck the band. We are the band."


- Corin is married to fimmaker Lance Bangs and mother to Marshall Bangs.

- Made documentary films during college.

- Corin's first Rock And Roll crush was Shaun Cassidy.

- Studied film, political economy and social change from Evergreen State College.

- Her favorite Karaoke song to sing: Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes.

- Her guilty pleasures are chocolate and Sheryl Crow.