"Well, I'm just a firm believer that the drums are as important as anything else. My style of drumming revolves around that idea that the drums are another melodic instrument at times. I've never really been interested in being a timekeeper."

"Well the sentiment that we'd like people to take away wouldn't come from one song. It would come from, hopefully, the joy of participating in the experience. The experience that's only gonna happen once. You know, when you go to a show and you feel like you're a part of something and it's never gonna happen again."

"With each other. A lot of times when we write, it's not pleasant. It's hard."

"You can't really plan to make a great record. We're just gonna keep making records, and hopefully we'll be able to come up with some sort of unique, meaningful music."

"I think we're kind of thankful that our sales aren't in the millions. It's intimidating to think of so many people relating to your music, I think."

"A lot of times we get people commenting, "We're going to start a band," or, "I want to learn to play the drums." That always just makes us feel so great, to sort of open the door, maybe, for someone that didn't have the confidence to play."


- Janet graduated San Francisco State University with a photography major.

- Plays on a vintage Ludwig set - setup includes bass drum, 1 rack tom, floor tom, snare, ride cymbal and a single crash.

- Favorite book is To Kill A Mockingbird.

- Loves sushi.

- Enjoys karaoke and is quite good at it.

- Is in Quasi with ex-husand Sam Coomes.