David Letterman and Articles, Articles, Articles
Thursday, June 9th, 05
Sleater-Kinney will be performing on the David Letterman Show (aired on CBS) on June 27th. I've also added 4 new articles, the text only versions can be found on the site and you can read the originals here:
Carrie featured in The Onion

SK on the Lost Art of Making Dangerous Music (Chicago Innerview)
Journey Women (Boston Phoenix)
Call of the Wild (Guardian Unlimited UK)

Woods Lyrics, New Tour Dates
Friday, May 27th, 05
Lyrics for the Woods are up as well as new tour dates.

SF Guardian, Entertainment Weekly
Wednesday, May 25th, 05
If you live in San Francisco, your in luck, because the current Guardian features the ladies on the cover as well as an interview, an article and a review of the album. I've posted all three up for those who do not live in the city. The new Entertainment Weekly also reviews the album with a photo. Click the link to read.

The Woods is Out!
Tuesday, May 24th, 05

The Woods is out! You can read some reviews of the album; 1 2 3 and 4. Added 3 new articles from 2005 and an old one from last year when they were recording with David Fridmann in New York.

Amplifier Mag Cover, New PhotosAmplifier Cover
Sunday, May 22nd, 05

Sleater-Kinney is on the cover of this month's Amplifier Magazine. You can read a snippet of the interview on their site. Also added some pictures from that shoot, a new Woods promo shot and a new article from Village Voice.

On The Cover of Bust
Saturday, May 21st, 05

Be sure to pick up the current issue of Bust with Sandra Oh on the cover, there is a nice interview with the ladies in that.

Woods Sound Bytes
Saturday, May 7th, 05

Bio pages are back up with quotes, also if anyone has the pics from the Magnet article scanned and would like to send them into the site, it would be greatly appreciated. You can also hear some blurbs from the new album on SubPop's site.

New Woods Promo Shots
Thursday, May 5th, 05

Added the new Woods promo shots, some misc photos as well as some articles.

Site Back Up
Wednesday, May 4th, 05

A new, simple site design is up. The site also has a new name. I omitted some of the sections, but will be adding some overdue articles and photos during the week.

On The Cover of Magnet, New Tour Dates
Tuesday, April 5th, 05

Be sure to pick up the new
Magnet Magazine. Sleater-Kinney is on the cover and the interview was done by Eddie Vedder. You can also pre-order the new CD The Woods on Insound. If you use the code 'thewoods15' you can save 15% on the album, but it expires on the 25th. Good News! Some new tour dates have been announced and can be viewed on the tour page.

March 18th, 05
Sleater-Kinney's new album will be titled 'The Woods' expect it to be released on May 24th in both CD and Double LP form. Check out Sub Pop's digital press kit of the album to satisfy your hunger before the album comes out.

January 19th, 05
Sleater-Kinney has finished recording their new album! The album is set to be released on May 24th and be sure to watch out for a tour in June. Check out the official site for a new photo.

October 30, 04
Sleater-Kinney has signed with Sub Pop Records also home to The Shins, The Pernice Brothers, The Thermals, The Rapture and Soundgarden when they were still together, The ladies plan to start recording in November with producer Dave Fridmann, most widely known for his work on The Flaming Lips albums. They will be recording in New York. I've also added the link to their artist page on Sub Pop. Also be sure to check out the official site because they have their store up now.

October 20, 04
For all you lucky guys and gals that live in or near the Portland area, you will be able to see the ladies who have announced three dates alongside The Gossip and All Girl Summer Fun Band. Check out the official site for all the details.

October 02, 04
As Sleater-Kinney withdrawal continues, it's good to hear that the girls are writing songs for the new album and are planning to begin recording in November. Be sure to check the official site for some videos of the girls rocking with James Cameron Mitchell. I've also added 2 new fan photos.

July 08, 04
Carrie Brownstein will be joining rock critic Josh Kun in his discussion with artist Yoshitomo Nara on Sunday, July 25, 2004 at 6:00 pm at the San Jose Repertory Theatre in downtown San Jose California. Brownstein also contributed to the 'Nara: Nothing Ever Happens' catalogue. A book signing will follow at the San Jose Museum of Art. For more information and tickets visit www.sjma.com.

June 03, 04
So the tour is over. Next up will be the new album. A 2004 section was added to the articles page with 4 new articles.

May 16th, 04
I finally put up some songs in the audio section on the downloads page. 3 studio songs and a live cover, check them out. I also added some really nice live photos taken by
Dyanne Cano to the photo gallery. And finally, a link to a new fanlisting was added on the fans page.

May 06, 04
Updates include: photos from the Venus 2002 issue, a new misc pic and a new wall of fan pic.

May 02, 04 Keep up to date with how the tour is going by reading fan reviews and checking out the news blog on the official website. I'm counting down the days until I see them on the 22nd and 23rd in SF. I'm especially excited to hear their new songs and hopefully their cover of Rebel Girl. Stephanie took some nice pics at the 9:30 club in DC and the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD. They can be found on the tour page.

March 25th, 04 There is a interview with Carrie in the new Venus with The Bondies on the cover. Very cute one page photo included.

March 12th, 04 It is officially a good day. Sleater-Kinney's West Coast tour dates are up, and they are playing 2 shows at San Francisco's Fillmore! The opening bands have also been announced. Quasi will be touring with them for the West Coast and for the East Coast tour they will be touring with The Thermals. Here are the rest of the West Coast dates:

14 - Santa Cruz CA
  @ The Catalyst
15 - Ventura CA @ Ventura Theatre
16 - San Diego CA @ SOMA
18 - Pomona CA @ Glasshouse
19 - Los Angeles CA @ El Rey
20 - Los Angeles CA @  El Rey
21 - TBA
22 - San Francisco CA
@ The Fillmore
23 - San Francisco CA @ The Fillmore
25 - Eugene OR @  McDonald Theatre

March 12th, 04 Sleater-Kinney has new tour dates up! They will be touring the East Coast in April and the West Coast in May. Currently they have only booked their East Coast Dates. I will post the West Coast dates as soon as I get them. The band is currently writing for the new album and getting ready to record, which accounts for the limited city selection. The tour dates are as follows (taken from their official site):
21-Baltimore, MD @
Recher Theatre
22-Washington D.C. @
9:30 Club
25-Boston, MA @
The Roxy
26-NYC, NY @
Irving Plaza
27-NYC, NY @
Irving Plaza
29 Philadelphia, PA @

January 20th, 04 The Official Sleater-Kinney website is finally up. Be sure to check out the photo gallery and live videos. The site also says that Sleater-Kinney is currently writing songs for their new album which they plan to record at the end of the year. Also, in the new Venus, fans voted Sleater-Kinney as their favorite band in 2003!

January 13th, 04 Cyndi from So Lo-Fi, It's No-Fi! records has created a compilation CD consisting of various bands & artists covering their favorite Sleater-Kinney songs. Go here to learn more about the album and here to order it. I also added a new wall of fan pic.

December 27th, 03 Obsessed with Sleater-Kinney has a new url, it's http://owsk.ms11.net. CD

December 15th, 03 Here is the setlist for the December 12th show at the Crystal Ballroom (taken from Tk's S-K site):
instrumental jam
Words and Guitar
Not What You Want
Combat Rock
Get Up
Youth Decay
new song (rhyming honey/money/tummy)
Step Aside
new song
End of You
One Beat
Hollywood Ending
Turn It On
semi-new song from last tour (the one with the counting/"if you're here to be entertained, please go away"/"don't drag me down") with a few bits modified

Little Babies
amazing instrumental jam thing part deux
Little Mouth
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun

I've also added a new short article from the Seattle Times with Janet.

December 9th, 03 New site design, hope everyone likes it. I also added the new Magnet article, a big thanks to Jill for sending that in. Also added a bunch of photos, thanks to Sigrun for scanning all those. For anyone going to the Portland and Seattle shows feel free to send in reviews or pics of the shows, so that everyone who didn't have a chance to go, can see how it was.

November 11th, 03 Tickets to Sleater-Kinney's shows in Seattle will be on sale tomorrow at 10.a.m. It has also been announced that the openers will be Cat Power and The Thrills. That is going to be one hell of a show so you better buy your tickets to the December 13th show here or the December 14th show here.

November 4th, 03 Tickets to the Sleater-Kinney Portland show is on sale now. You can buy them here.

October 23rd, 03 I will scan the Rolling Stone pics and put up the article once I get the magazine. I added some older pics of Sleater-Kinney to the gallery, thanks to Jessy from Nixzine for those! I also added some live photos to the tour page. Also, has anyone gotten tickets to the Portland shows? I can't seem to find any ticket info online, so if anyone knows anything they can e-mail me.

October 8th, 03 Sleater-Kinney h as confirmed 3 new tour dates:
December 2003
12 - Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
13 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox (21+)
14 - Seattle, WA @ Showbox (all ages)
These might be there last couple of shows...for awhile. I'm probably driving from San Francisco to the Portland show.

October 6th, 03 If you have the Sundance channel - your in luck. On Friday October 17th at 9:00 P.M. they will premiere "Songs For Cassavettes." The film takes a look at the do-it-yourself world of underground rock from the perspective of the musicians themselves. Hailing from different parts of the country, from the indie-rock hub of Olympia, Washington to Washington, D.C., the film documents bands that kept a low profile in the wake of the alt-rock explosion of the early 90's. The film shows live footage and interviews with Sleater-Kinney, along with a variety of other bands. Check your local listings for the correct time. Here is a link to the Sundance Channel TV schedule.

October 4th, 03 Read an interview Corin did with Babes in Boyland. And then read Kill Rock Stars owner Slim Moon's response to her comments here.

September 28th, 03 Rolling Stone is doing their annual Women in Rock issue and Sleater-Kinney will be featured in the magazine! The issue should be coming out in the next few months. There is also a new look for the front page. I also fixed the tabs page and added tabs to #1 Must Have and Youth Decay (thanks a bunch to Stuart for those).

September 22nd, 03 I want to add a section of live photos taken by fans, cause the best pics are always the ones taken at the shows. So if you have any you would like to contribute to the site feel free to send them in.

September 18th, 03 You can read a news article about the first NYC gay school and how Sleater-Kinney, and other artists are set to help record an album to help raise funds for the school. The blurb about SK is in the last paragraph. I changed the navigation bars on each page and I also added a new wall of fans pic. The tabs section is also on a little hiatus but will be back to normal soon.

September 4th, 03 I added a link to Ironclad, it's a new Sleater-Kinney fanlisting.

September 1st, 03 I changed the front page again cause I didn't like the previous look. Added a new guitar tab - thanks to for that! I also added some new pics to the gallery.

August 19th, 03 Spiffed up this page, added an image gallery and updated Carrie's bio.

August 16th, 03 Made a tabs section - thanks to Ashlyn for the tabs! I'll be adding a photo gallery soon, so if anyone has any photos of the the ladies feel free to send them in.

 August 10th, 03 Added some updated European tour dates.

August 9th, 03 Added a wall of fan pic. Stephen Malkmus of the band the Jicks had a quote about Sleater-Kinney in a recent interview. I thought it was kind of cute...

"I know [Sleater-Kinney's] drummer... Janet Weiss, and she's just really social and friendly," Malkmus said. "She's like at this trivia night thing that's every Tuesday night and I see her. Actually the whole band goes. It's kind of geeky. They go to trivia and then they eat gelato in the break. That's like a Sleater-Kinney night out together."

August 5th, 03 Added a wall of fan pic and added an article about musicians dealing with motherhood. Corin was one of the 4 women interviewed. Thanks a bunch to Jill for sending that in! if you have a livejournal, I also added some links to Sleater-Kinney related communities.

July 27th, 03 I created a Sleater-Kinney store, there's only shirts, albums and buttons in it right now, but I'll be adding stuff when I find them. That's it for now....

July 20th, 03 Wooo. The new site is up. Most of the pages got vamped up. I also made a message board. It needs members so it needs you, your friends and their mothers to join.

July 15th, 03: Andre sent me a rad program that has all the lyrics to every Sleater-Kinney song. The program rocks - click here to download it. And don't forget to read the readme file! See some pics of Sleater-Kinney when they played at Southpaw! (thanks Tom!) A new link was added as well.

7-11-03: I redid the front page to a more simpler look. I also added 2 photos to the wall of fans on the fans page. Also added an awesome interview with Sleater-Kinney, conducted by Janeane Garofalo!

6-21-03: New article up. It's a Suicide Girls interview with Carrie. Thanks Keith!

5-27-03: Sleater-Kinney will be one of the many artists on the Hedwig and The Angry Inch tribute CD! To check out the complete list of artists and songs for the album click here.

5-25-03: New tour dates have been added with Pearl Jam to the tour page!

5-02-03: Added a new article to 2003 section. It was conducted by PETA.

4-27-03: Added 2 new articles, one in 2002 and another one in 2000.

4-13-03: Sleater-Kinney is still on tour with Pearl Jam. I added a new fan section and added more articles to the archive.

3-15-03: I will be creating a new section soon, check out this cool new Sleater-Kinney.net site.

2-13-03: This little site is slowly growing. I added an article archive to the site - so you can hear what the ladies have to say about various subjects.

12-13-03: It's official folks - Sleater-Kinney and Pearl Jam will be touring together. Pearl Jam is known to be huge SK supporters, if you want to check out the show click here for dates.

12-13-03: Sleater-Kinney will be touring again in 2003! Check the on the road page for the dates, and be sure to get your ass to the show - because they rock the house live.

12-17-02: If you have always wanted to see what Carrie would put on a mix tape, pick up the new Bust Magazine. Le Tigre is on the cover, so you really can't loose with this purchase.

12-13-02: Spin Magazine named One Beat the 12th best album of the year. (hey, they are only 11 places off ;P) Rolling Stone also named One Beat in their best of the year. Wooooooo.

11-29-02: The site is up and running! I hope everyone enjoys it.
Nothing has been confirmed yet but Pearl Jam is in talks of either having Sleater-Kinney or Audiovent (Chris Cornell and Rage) go on tour as the opening act for them.